Key Projects

END TB Campaign

Role of Rotary in eradicating Tuberculosis from India. To address the need for creating awareness among the Rotarians and the community a small committee comprising of Rotarians from across India was created under the name “Rotary India National TB Control & Awareness Committee”. In June 2016 the Rotary India National TB Control & Awareness Committee entered into a non-financial partnership with the International Union(South Asia Region) to work towards creating awareness about Tuberculosis amongst the Rotarians and the community through the 4,000 clubs in India comprising of 40 Rotary districts, and a membership of approximately 175,000.

As a result of this partnership, Rotary India TB Control Committee will reach out to the clubs in Rotary districts in India and hold sensitization meeting of Rotary districts and awareness generation activities that the clubs can pursue. With the expert guidance provided by the INTERNATIONAL UNION several orientations and training seminars across India were conducted during past 4 years. In March 2020 due to COVID-19 all the activities came to a halt. These seminars were attended by Rotarians representing several clubs in the districts where they were held. Presentations were made by the local district/state TB officers, members of the Rotary India National TB Control & Awareness Committee and members of the INTERNATIONAL UNION. The committee has also entered into a similar partnership with the NGO “REACH”.

During these seminars Rotarians were encouraged to undertake the following activities in consultation with the local health authorities:
1. Provide nutritional support to the HIV-TB patients from the underserved community.
2. Organize awareness rallies on 24th March which is observed as the “World TB Day”
3. Create awareness amongst the private medical fraternity, the need to report every TB case to the govern health authorities.
4. Help in removing the stigma attached to the disease
5. Create awareness among school children about the signs and symptoms about the disease.
6. In consultation with the local health authorities conduct health and detection camps in industrial units employing large number of workers, in prisons etc.
7. Educate and guide the TB patients about the treatment facility and medication at government hospitals which is provided free of any cost.
8. Distribute leaflets in the community which illustrate signs and symptoms about the onset of TB and the proper coughing/spitting etiquette.
9. Encourage Rotarians to sign up and pledge their support to the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare to make their village, district, state, and country TB FREE
10. Members of the Rotary India National TB Control & Awareness Committee attended the World Conference on TB held in Hyderabad in October 2019. As a result of the above some of the clubs have acquired mobile units which they are using for extending reach to the rural communities located in far flung areas. Rotary has collaborated with the local health authorities and helping with active case finding.

Halla bol, a Vaccination Awareness Campaign

Halla bol a vaccination awareness campaign at village dhanas was organized by Rotary Chandigarh Midtown and Rotary Chandigarh with RCC in partnership with Chandigarh health administration. A team of 34 health volunteers went on house to house campaign to bring unvaccinated target population .Pres Salil Chopra spoke about Covid pandemic and importance of moral values and saving water. Pres Jaspal Singh gave an overview how vaccination will protect us from the dreaded disease. Dr Rita kalra talked about covid appropriate behaviour and 5S for safety and health. Pres Narinder Choudhary explained the need for hygiene sanitation and improving immunity.
Over 100 people received their vaccine by 11 am and target is to reach 500 people today. DR Manjeet Singh IMMUNIZATION nodal officer Chandigarh and Dr Pawna Thakur IC Dhanas wellness centre appreciated the efforts of providing snacks to beneficiaries and lunch for all volunteers .
Shr Narinder Choudhary received his second dose of covishield during the campaign.

Project Muskaan

Oral Health education for children from Ghaggar slums was organized with RCC Smile express. Dr Ruchir Kalra demonstrated brushing methodology and Dr Prarthana shared the five golden rules for healthy smile . 5 year old Amit volunteered to teach all boys and girls the steps for proper cleaning of teeth.

All children received the dental hygiene kit from Sh SC Malik father of Dr Rita kalra . Annapurna on occasion was sponsored by Prof Dua. Pres Salil Chopra Sec JS Bawa DCS pradeep sisodia PP BL Ramsisaria and Dr Rita kalra joined the event supported by Nidhi saxena from Samarpan.

Womania Season II

The fund raiser was organised on occasion of Teej to engage Inner wheel members, Rotarians ,Rotaractors and health professionals in the awareness drive during the celebrations. Rakhis, chocolates, jewellery, dress material, potted plants, homemade bags, masalas etc. were displayed in the shopping street at Rotary House Panchkula. Donations worth Rs. 65000 have been collected for vaccine procurement.

Rotary Covid Vaccination drive

Rotary Covid crusaders of tricity helped Chandigarh health administration achieve goal of 100% first dose vaccination in Dhanas village and milk colony within 2 weeks from less than 1000 on first August it is 8000 plus on 15th August. THANKYOU ROTARY for awareness and sensitization .overall score of 7.5 lacs beneficiaries have received first shared by Dr. Manjit Singh DIO Chandigarh.

Rotary Salutes the COVID Martyrs on Eve of Independence Day

In a unique initiative Rotary Chandigarh Midtown paid tribute to Covid heroes of Haryana who lost their lives during the pandemic. So a Doctor Who Dies Fighting on the COVID Frontline is a Martyr, not just another statistic. They have chosen to serve the nation in the best traditions of the medical profession. Let us salute all those who bore all the torture and pain but never gave up because their Nation always came first and acknowledge them appropriately. The Covid 19 pandemic overwhelmed us all. It raged in 2020 and petered off only to rise again with a lot more vengeance in 2021. While the people sat out the virus in the protective comforts of their homes, there was a first line of defense that was out in the battlefield—the healthcare workers. Leading from the front and fighting against the little known enemy with
thermometers, stethoscopes, oxygen cylinders, ventilators and a lot of hope—-always sure of coming out with flying colors.

Sleep-deprived heroes working in scrubs working round-the-clock, nurses who stayed away from families for weeks and months, pathologists who collected samples as the numbers soared, ambulance drivers who ferried patients day in and day out, cleaners who ensured complete sanitation in hospitals, health workers who created awareness—the list of corona warriors who kept vigil through the two waves to keep nurturing life, is endless. The battle is not over yet. In the breather we have got, this is our effort to pay tribute to every single hand that stretched out to help in the crisis situation everybody was in for no fault of theirs. Despite everything and because of everything, the health workers continue to live by the motto that they have the responsibility of bringing smiles on the faces of suffering humanity. Rotary Salutes the spirit of courage and patriotism of all the front line health care workers who sacrificed themselves to save the country.

Project Sahyog- Disability Empowerment District Project

Project Sahyog was successfully launched by DG Ajay Madan from the Premises of Tynor Ltd in Mohali in presence of District Trainer PDG Manmohan Singh, AGs Gaurav Ghai, Rajesh Bansal & Salil Bali, PP Dr VJS Vohra ( Disability empowerment Chair ), Presidents Salil Chopra, Jaspal Sidhu, KS Judge, Dr PJ Singh ( MD Tynor ) and numerous Sr Rotarians of the District present Physically and on the Zoom Platform.

This Project aims to provide Artificial Limbs to disabled and make them aware and register them For UDID card.

Almost 17 Clubs have participated in this project by sponsoring Handicapped Patients from their communities. More than 30 confirmations have come and work on 10 of them have started.

The Limbs to be provided are going to be of high quality under the supervision of Competent Prosthetic and Orthotists Doctors.

Project Aastha: A vaccination drive against HPV for a future free of cervical cancer

Introduction: Cervical Cancer remains one of the most common cancers and cause of cancer related deaths in women across the globe. In the next decade annual no. of new cases is expected to increase from 570000 to700000. More than 85% are young poor undereducated women from low and middle income countries. During the same time annual no. of deaths will increase from 311000 to 400000 .The huge burden of cervical cancer related mortality is due to decades of neglect by Global health community. However with an ambitious and inclusive strategy we can accelerate elimination of cervical cancer. The script can be rewritten with Rotary and public Health collaboration as we did for polio and repeat the Rotary success story of world free from cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer is one cancer in the world which can actually be eliminated and it is time now. A global movement to eliminate cervical cancer driven by “Call to Action” campaign of WHO has gained momentum with launch of Project Aastha : A vaccination drive against HPV for a future free of cervical cancer. It is pertinent to mention here that the cervical cancer in 2nd major cause of death amongst women &is 100% preventable with HPV vaccine. While we waited for covid vaccine to shield us from the pandemic which was still in trial stage having queries about duration and efficacy and here we are, still pondering over use of vaccine that is 100% efficacious with lifelong effectiveness.

Methodology : Target group Where in girls 9-15 years from Govt. School coming from EWS families are provided HPV Vaccine free of cost, their mothers are screened & health education seminars are organized to spread awareness about prevention and management simultaneously. To seize the opportunity of reaching out to girls and leave behind a legacy of future free of cervical cancer, Govt Senior secondary schools in Rural Panchkula were identified for seminar on MHH and engage and empower girls and their mother’s for their own health.

Budget /Funding: The first 100 girls from GSS Rattewali received their first dose in February and second in March. The estimated budget was Rs 400,000. We organized fund raisers such as crowd funding ,Womania a shopping street and collaborative partnership with NGO such as Sahayata Cancer Society Chandigarh, Innerwheel Panchkula ,CSR from Tata and other philanthropic organizations who contribute for cause of Cervical cancer.

Impact : To broaden our impact & collective resolve to end needless suffering of women from cervical cancer, Project Aastha aims to vaccinate 1000 girls every year. The annual estimated budget is Rs. 40 lacs /year.

 The Global Grant with Dist. 7540 came through for 90000$ and our aim is to vaccinate 1000 girls  in 20-21 and continue to stretch our efforts for harnessing and fuelling activities to implement this change every year.

Through our Public image efforts our voice is reaching another 100,000 girls from schools and colleges with social media, YouTube, print and Radio media for those who can afford vaccination and strengthen our campaign.

Paul P Haris once Said- Rotary Changes us and the people we serve. I believe we can change the world one life at a time.

Happy School at Peermuchalla

Our best project of the year is a sequel to the Prime Project of the year 2018-19 which we had successfully completed in that year. Our club had taken up the renovation and extension of building at Govt. Primary School Peermuchalla which lacked even the basic needs of clean toilets and the school boundary wall. We added two classrooms, kitchen, toilets and also renovated the existing class rooms at a total cost of Rs.21 lacs from the CSR funds, members donations, and district global grants funds. 

In July 2020, while thanking the club team for its previous efforts informed us that because of the improvements of the school’s infrastructure the total children enrolled in the school in March 2020 had gone up from 135 to 330. She requested us to add more class rooms additional toilets and some more facilities to meet the needs of students who had more than doubled.

We took up the construction work in Sept. 2020, built up two new classrooms, one staff room and a store room and additional verandas all fitted with lights fans and anti-skid floor tiles. Total covered area is 2000 sqft. Both the class rooms are fitted with beautiful colored benches and black boards. In addition to this two additional toilets, kitchen attached to the Chowkidar’s room have been constructed. The height of the school boundary wall has been further raised to avoid miscreants and enhance safety.

A multipurpose shed measuring 2000sqft has also been built where the children can have their midday meal and also the school assembly and functions can be organized. The open yard measuring 1200sqft is fully covered with pavement tiles. Care has been taken to ensure that the entire area is nice and clean. To make it more beautiful and eco-friendly we plan to plant a few trees after the first shower of the season.

The total Project cost in the year 2020-21 is Rs 28 Lacs including the funds from CSR, Member Donations and from contributions from our Partner Clubs in USA.

Kidney Care Project

The Kidney Care Project of Rotary Chandigarh Midtown began with the inauguration of the Dialysis Machine donation to Sri Guru Granth Sahib Sewa Society at the Dialysis Centre in Sector 52, Chandigarh (Gurdwara Gobindsar compound).
The cost of the machine is Rs 6.25 lakh for which major funding has been received from M/s Aakar Creations (Anuj Diwan and Neeraj Diwan).
The Centre has been running dialysis services and with support from Rotary Chandigarh Midtown would be enhancing the capacity of the centre for the benefits of patients suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) requiring dialysis and for whom the treatment cost is also out of reach.

The inauguration was held on 11th June, 2021 with participation of members and the club has a proposal to add more machines in the future.

Rainwater Harvesting

To tackle the water challenge and reduce dependence on ground water, a Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) structure has been set up up at the Dev Samaj College for Women in Sector 45. The project was conceived and executed by Chair Environment – Rtn Shashi Jain and helps the club to align with the National Water Mission’s campaign of “Catch The Rain – where it falls, when it falls”. The site was inaugurated and opened for use on 8th June, 2021.

Oxygen on Wheels

Oxygen on Wheels, An initiative to reach public during the current pandemic and address the current crisis, Rotary Chandigarh Midtown in association with Be sure Buddy Cabs and Haryana State Legal Services Authority (HALSA) inaugurated Oxygen on Wheels from the Administrative Building of HALSA, Sector 14, Chandigarh.


COVID RASOI was launched on 13th May, 2021, by Rotary Club Chandigarh Midtown along with Rotaract Club Samaritans with the aim to provide free meals to the distressed families and patients who have tested Covid+ve. This provision is being made to those living in Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula and Zirakpur.

The “Robins” from the Robin Hood Army have helped with coordination and delivery of these meals 24/7, to the doorstep of the patients. Almost 2000 meals have been served to the distressed families through this initiative by reaching the maximum number of people affected. Orders are being taken through messages or WhatsApp calls on showing the Covid+ve report.

Covid Care is an initiative by Rotary Club Chandigarh Midtown along with Rotaract Club Samaritans under which we are providing essential items like Masks, Oximeters, thermometers, spirometers, PPE kits etc at subsidised rates.  This was launched on 16th May and we’ve delivered aprx 400 orders in different states and cities.

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Annapurna Project

Ashtami was celebrated with children of Samarpan at Majri Chowk, Panchkula. PP Dr. Rita Kalra with her colleagues and PE Rtn. Salil Chopra were present to serve the children poori, aaloo channa and halwa. Nearly 150 children and some mothers were present. Birthdays of R‟Ann Sandhya Khandelia and PP Rtn. Kanan Diwan was celebrated. Greeting cards were presented to doctors who spoke on social gathering norms and precautions, which was duly observed by all present.