Happy School at Peermuchalla

Our best project of the year is a sequel to the Prime Project of the year 2018-19 which we had successfully completed in that year. Our club had taken up the renovation and extension of building at Govt. Primary School Peermuchalla which lacked even the basic needs of clean toilets and the school boundary wall. We added two classrooms, kitchen, toilets and also renovated the existing class rooms at a total cost of Rs.21 lacs from the CSR funds, members donations, and district global grants funds. 

In July 2020, while thanking the club team for its previous efforts informed us that because of the improvements of the school’s infrastructure the total children enrolled in the school in March 2020 had gone up from 135 to 330. She requested us to add more class rooms additional toilets and some more facilities to meet the needs of students who had more than doubled.

We took up the construction work in Sept. 2020, built up two new classrooms, one staff room and a store room and additional verandas all fitted with lights fans and anti-skid floor tiles. Total covered area is 2000 sqft. Both the class rooms are fitted with beautiful colored benches and black boards. In addition to this two additional toilets, kitchen attached to the Chowkidar’s room have been constructed. The height of the school boundary wall has been further raised to avoid miscreants and enhance safety.

A multipurpose shed measuring 2000sqft has also been built where the children can have their midday meal and also the school assembly and functions can be organized. The open yard measuring 1200sqft is fully covered with pavement tiles. Care has been taken to ensure that the entire area is nice and clean. To make it more beautiful and eco-friendly we plan to plant a few trees after the first shower of the season.

The total Project cost in the year 2020-21 is Rs 28 Lacs including the funds from CSR, Member Donations and from contributions from our Partner Clubs in USA.

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