Rotary Salutes the COVID Martyrs on Eve of Independence Day

In a unique initiative Rotary Chandigarh Midtown paid tribute to Covid heroes of Haryana who lost their lives during the pandemic. So a Doctor Who Dies Fighting on the COVID Frontline is a Martyr, not just another statistic. They have chosen to serve the nation in the best traditions of the medical profession. Let us salute all those who bore all the torture and pain but never gave up because their Nation always came first and acknowledge them appropriately. The Covid 19 pandemic overwhelmed us all. It raged in 2020 and petered off only to rise again with a lot more vengeance in 2021. While the people sat out the virus in the protective comforts of their homes, there was a first line of defense that was out in the battlefield—the healthcare workers. Leading from the front and fighting against the little known enemy with
thermometers, stethoscopes, oxygen cylinders, ventilators and a lot of hope—-always sure of coming out with flying colors.

Sleep-deprived heroes working in scrubs working round-the-clock, nurses who stayed away from families for weeks and months, pathologists who collected samples as the numbers soared, ambulance drivers who ferried patients day in and day out, cleaners who ensured complete sanitation in hospitals, health workers who created awareness—the list of corona warriors who kept vigil through the two waves to keep nurturing life, is endless. The battle is not over yet. In the breather we have got, this is our effort to pay tribute to every single hand that stretched out to help in the crisis situation everybody was in for no fault of theirs. Despite everything and because of everything, the health workers continue to live by the motto that they have the responsibility of bringing smiles on the faces of suffering humanity. Rotary Salutes the spirit of courage and patriotism of all the front line health care workers who sacrificed themselves to save the country.

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